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You need easymsg!

Augustines church locking. . flappy bird cheat . winter skin problems . Read this 100% unbiased future of wealth anik2.0 review before you decide to invest . To download perfectbooster free virus scan please select a language from We believe email marketing tools should be easy to use and deliver measurable results. Here's how the easymsg process works. We design your custom templates to your exact specifications. Once those templates are developed and approved, you have the ability to add content as you see fit. We even allow you to upload photos to our server for free! After you've added your content to the template, you select the list of subscribers and hit send. That's it! Now sit back and watch as the real time analytics show you how well your easymsgs are performing. If you are looking to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, or just build your email lists, you need easymsg.

Email marketing with easymsg makes it easy and affordable for you to connect with your customers. Our tools are perfect for churches, schools, businesses... anyone looking to increase sales, advertise deals or communicate to their users more efficiently. Sign up today and start marketing with easymsg.

We design your custom templates to match your current materials. Once setup, you simply select which template you'd like to use and add your content accordingly.

You only pay for what you send! We don’t charge signup or monthly fees, you only pay when you send marketing emails to more than 5 people.

You can build your campaigns in advance and schedule them for delivery tomorrow, next month or any time in between. We take all the messy work out of the equation.

We have a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send.